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Never Beg For Attention

Any relationship where you have to beg for attention and love is not a healthy one.

Respect and love yourself enough to walk away from such.

If he or she is not showing you the attention and affection you need.

Talk to him/ her about it, don’t just go with the flow.

If things doesn’t improve after the discussion make the right decision.

You should know that there are many people out there waiting for an opportunity to shower you with love, care and attention.

Stop blocking your chance of experiencing true love and happiness by staying in a relationship where you have to beg for attention and affection.

Love yourself enough to do the needful.

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Love Doctor’s Advice 001

Never drag yourself though the mud, just because you want someone to love you and stay in your life.

People will treat you exactly the way you perceive and project yourself. Never give yourself up as someone cheap and in desperate need of love.

Don’t ever be a pest or parasite to people. Give people their space and seek to add value to people’s lives too.

Love is only sweet and worthy of its name when it is appropriately reciprocated.

Don’t settle for less. Go for what makes you happy and also add value to your life. Let happiness and growth be your watchwords.