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Faithfulness Is Romantic, Sweet And Safe

Faithfulness to one partner is not boring contrary to popular opinion among cheats or unfaithful partners.

A scholar once said we are pluralistic in nature, hence the reason most people find it difficult to remain faithful to one partner.

This might not be completely true but to a certain degree it is the truth for some people because they have never been completely faithful to a single partner since they have venture into the world of relationship.

I will be honest with you, we are humans, imperfect being. We goof often.

We are constantly striving to maintain a balance between two forces (Good and bad forces) pulling us towards theirselves.

Hence, the numerous temptation we face as human.

However, facing numerous temptation is not a justification to do what is not right.

It is important to stress that as a human we are also equiped with the capacity and strong-will to chose to do the right thing inspite of mounting temptation.

A matured person understands that to every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

In other words, every single action carries a consequence.

A matured person often consider the consequence of his/her action before making decision to either take it or not.

Relationship and marriages are meant for matured people.

My advice for any person who is searching for a partner for serious relationship or marriage is that you should make maturity as your number one criterion.

It is important state that age is not synonymous with maturity.

A matured person understands that once you are in a relationship your action will affect your partner either positively or negatively.

This knowledge should influence our decision in relationship.

Relationship has to do with put your partner’s feeling into consideration before doing anything that will directly or indirectly affect him/her.

A matured man will stay faithful to a single woman.

A real man understands that his manliness is not measure by the number of women he keeps as his sexual partners.

A matured woman will also stay faithful to one man.

A real woman doesn’t share her body with numerous men.

Her sense of importance, attractiveness and class are not dependent on the number of men she keeps or sleep with.

Relationship is sweet when there is love.

Love is sweet and waxes stronger day by day when there is trust.

Guess what, honesty and faithfulness beget and retain trust. If you want to enjoy your life and relationship find someone you love and be faithful to him/her.

Then begin to build a great life and relationship together as a team.

Faithfulness is number one quality most people desire in a partner.

Don’t demand what you can’t give. If you want a faithful partner, you must be determine to be one yourself.

Faithfulness is never boring.

Faithfulness is sweet, romantic and possible though it require self control and discipline.

Faithfulness helps protect you from contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

Lastly, sex get better and sweeter with the same partner with time not boring.

So let go of the myth that claim you will get bored, tired or satiated when you keep having sex with the same person for a long period.

It’s a lie.

Faithfulness to one partner in a relationship and marriage is not boring and impossible.

It is possible with determination and self control.

It is sweet and romantic in the sense that it helps you to concentrate your attention and affection on your partner alone which will help you know each other better and be able to build stronger bond necessary to keep aflame the fire of love and romance in the relationship.

It also enhance peace of mind.

Staying faithful to your partner is one of the best decision you will ever make in life. Thank you


The Boundless Power Of Sorry

Sorry is just a five letters word but its power knows no bound.

It’s so disappointing that some people find it difficult to say sorry to someone they claim to love when they are in the wrong.

This is often due to the fact that they esteem their ego way above their relationship.

Placing your ego ahead of your relationship is the fastest way to surely destroy your relationship with your partner over an issue that just saying sorry can remedy.
A more disappointing situation is when people say am sorry just for the sake of saying it. Saying Am sorry doesn’t actually undo whatever harm or hurt that has been done.

It is just a way of expressing our deepest regret for doing way caused pain to our partner.

Also a promise that we won’t repeat such thing again.

It’s disheartening to know that inability to say sorry has led to the dissolution of many relationships with a promising future.
As stated earlier, the main reason some people find it difficult to say am sorry to their lover in order to restore peace to the relationship after a conflict or misunderstanding is pride or ego.

When you put your ego ahead of your relationship it is a sign of immaturity.

Matured person will find it easy to apologize when they are at fault.

At times you need to say sorry when you are not at fault just to calm the storm in your relationship.

That takes maturity. The secret of a healthy, loving and lasting relationship is learning to always put the good of the relationship ahead of your ego and personal interest.

This is the hallmark of maturity. We must endeavor to keep our ego under control in course of interacting with our partner.
Moreso, it doesn’t make sense to repeat what you once apologized for.

Repeating what you had already apologized for in time past to your partner is an unwise behavior.

That is an act of abusing the boundless power of the five letters word- Sorry.

If we continue to repeat the same behavior or thing we had already apologized for several times sooner or later the word will lose its meaning to our partner.
Finally, to build a successful relationship we must understand the importance of saying sorry when we are at fault.

We must also know that it is totally unwise and unacceptable to keep doing the same thing we once apologized for.

A beautiful relationship is the one that a sorry is all it takes to bring back the situation to normalcy after a conflict or misunderstanding.

I hope you find this helpful in your quest to experience a better, healthy, loving and lasting relationship.

Trust Issues In Relationship


      Relationship is the spice of life.

Relationship is an integral part of us being a social animal.

The people around us contribute to a large extent to our happiness and how our lives turned out.

Romantic relationship is the most intimate amongst the different types of relationship and it commands a great influence over our lives.

Relationship when healthy and full of love makes life more beautiful and interesting.

Relationships are built on trust.

Trust issues is one of the root cause of problems encounter in relationship.

Trust, they say is earned. Not to be given freely.

However, many don’t understand how trust and relationship work, this is the root cause of disappointment, betrayal and heart breaks experienced in relationship.

Some people believe once you love a person, automatically you should trust the person.

Well, I stand to differ because of my observation in many failed relationships caused by betrayed trust.

Trust for me is something that must be earned.

After your trust is earned, you must verify if the person you gave your trust to still deserves it because people change.

This will help you from getting excessively hurt, devastated and heart broken incase your partner have ulterior motives for having a relationship with you.

As it is now rampart these days.

The fact that you love someone and you are emotionally attached to them is not enough reason to just give them your trust.

Trusting people just because you love them is trusting blindly.

Many people who have trust in this manner have been deeply hurt and regretted not making effort to verify if the person they trust is actually trustworthy because they are blinded by love.

An instance is a lady dating a guy who claim to be single but unknown to her that the guy is married with kids.

It is important to know that not everyone who claim to love you truly loves you.

Some claim to love you so as to use or manipulate you for their own purpose.

This is the reason you must make concerted effort to be sure the lover you are about to put your trust has your interest in mind.

Verifying trust makes it possible to discover a lover whose purpose is to use us for their own means at a early stage in the relationship.

This will help reduce the pain and ache experienced at discovering you are not really loved by the person but just a pawn they planned to use in order to achieve an end.

Put a price on your trust. Don’t just give it out blindly in the name of love.

Love is not what it used to be. The reason we feel some must when a lover does something we don’t like is because we have entrusted our emotions in them hoping they won’t hurt us.

Trust is very delicate.

Don’t just trust blindly.

Be careful of who you give your trust to.

Don’t be a victim of emotional manipulator.

I will love to get your feedback on this discussion.

What True Love Means

True love is not just about Catching Feelings.

True love is more than an emotional affinity to someone.

It is not just about having your heart skip at the sight of someone or when you hear their voice.

This shallow definition of true love is the cause of lots of heartache, pain and heartache ladies and guys experience in relationships. This has led many people to conclude that true love doesn’t exist.

So does true love actually exist?
True love still exists but it is not always fitting our definition.

However, because of the shallow description we attributed to true love, most of us have miss out on finding true and genuine love only to find ourselves falling into wrong hands thereby experiencing the wrong side of love, which is characterised by pain, ache, disappointment, hurt and heartbreak.


So what is true love?

True love is to accept someone the way they are.

It involves wanting to be with someone through thick and thin.

It is about giving support and encouragement to someone so they could realise their dreams and aspirations.

It is about being genuinely concerned about the well being of someone.

It is about providing a shoulder for someone to lean on.

It is about making decision to be there for someone always and forever.

It is spurring someone to be the best they can be.

It is about giving a listening ear to someone to express himself/ herself without the fear of being judged or criticized.
True love involves making sacrifices, commitment and compromise.

It is about putting in the effort and time to make a relationship work.

It is about you trying your possible best to put a smile on someone face.

It is about caring not to hurt someone’s feelings through your actions and words.

It is about being afraid to lose someone because you know and appreciate their value and uniqueness.

It is about time you change your mindset about what true love is.

Be willing to give all these in a relationship and expect all in return.

If you can adjust your mindset, you will adjust your reality.

Relationship is supposed to make us happier and better than we could be on our own.

We all want to be happy.

So happiness is what matter in the long run. Don’t get carry away by the emotional rush and physical attraction. They don’t hold relationship together for long. There influence on us is fleeting. Set high standard so you can experience something better in your relationship.

When you find someone willing to do almost everything I mentioned don’t lose that kind of person.

If you are yet to meet someone who is willing to do almost everything I mentioned it is better to wait, don’t just settle for anything that comes your way.

True love will eventually find you, if you are patient enough. While waiting make sure you are learning the habit necessary for building a loving, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

And unlearning habits you pick up from past relationships that could destroy your new relationship.

Drop your comment and let me know your take on this powwow.