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An advocate of healthy and loving relationships. A love poet. Writer. Advisor.

Love Doctor’s Advice 003

The key to having a healthy and loving relationship is to learn how to accept your fault when you did something wrong without being told: And to be able to apologise without being asked.


Don’t ever be intimated by the success of your partner. In a healthy relationship success of one is the success of other. Don’t feel inferior because your partner is more successful than you. Learn to give your support and encouragement to spur your partner to even greater height. If you can do this they will believe deeply that the success they have achieved would not have been possible without your presence in their life. They will give you credit for their successes and you will both enjoy the benefit of the success. Push your lover to become a better person in every aspect of their life.


Relationship is about living together not just being together. Living together involves growing, learning, getting better and accomplishing great feats together. This creates stronger bond than just having feelings for each other.


Trust is the bedrock of a healthy relationship. Learn to trust but never trust blindly. Make effort to verify the trustworthiness of the person you are trusting. You verify by paying attention to little things they do, say and left unsaid. Verifying prevent you from getting deeply hurt if your partner aim was to deceive and take undue advantage of you through the relationship.


Never should you embarrass your lover privately or publicly. As a lover your words carry weight. Don’t say things that will damage their self esteem or hurt their feelings. A relationship is a place where you build each other up not tear down each other. Treat your partner with respect everytime most especially in the public. And they will love and respect you more.

Seven Billion People

There are seven billion people in the world yet fate as bring you in my way:

And created a connection between us.

I am happy you are alive at this time.

Because if you are not none of the seven billion people will have been able to make my life so wonderful the way you did.

Seven billion people in this world but my heart only choose you.

My life was not fully alive until the day you came into it.

Our heart connection is ethereal.

Seven billion smiles but yours is my favourite.

Your charming smile awaken my soul.

Your love and smile has made me the most happiest man among the seven billion people.

Love Doctor’s Advice 002


  • A healthy relationship is the one that a sorry and smile can bring the situation back to normal after a misunderstanding. A heart that truly loves you can’t be angry with you for long.


  • Whenever you experience a bad day always restrain yourself from venting it out on your lover. Put it at the back of your mind that he/she is not the cause. And be aware that it damages relationship. Instead of transferring your aggression to feel better why not share your bad experience with your partner. Your lover’s sympathy will make you feel better than venting out on him/ her.


  • Love, care and attention should be given freely in a relationship. Any relationship you have to beg for all of these is very unhealthy for your mental well-being. Love yourself enough to quit.


  • Learn to give your support and encouragement to your partner’s dream, ambition, goal and project. Be their number one cheerleader. Be their fortress when they are feeling low and insecure. When you make yourself your lover’s source of inspiration and motivation then you have make yourself irreplaceable in their life.


  • Fight, quarrel, argument and misunderstanding are normal in a relationship. Just make sure your feeling of anger doesn’t outweighs the love you have for your partner during turbulent times. Do not let misunderstanding change your feelings for your partner. Then your love will wax stronger and get better day by day.

I Cherish You

Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I always wish I had met you before now.

Because your presence in my life has given it a better meaning.

If loving you is a crime, I will gladly chose to become the most wanted criminal in the whole world.

Sugar is sweet, honey is sweeter but your love is the sweetest of all.

Roses are red and violet are blue:but your love has made my life more colourful.

The thought of you gladdens my heart and brighten up my face with a smile.

You are my love, my joy and my happiness.

You mean the world to me.

I cherish you my love.

Love Doctor’s Advice 001

What you allow in your relationship will continue until you put an end to it. If you are not happy say it. Stop suffering in silence.


Learn to let go of what has already gone. Letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore is the key to inner peace and true happiness. So stop trying to keep into your life anyone who made it clear he or she is no longer emotionally available for you.


Cheating is never a mistake but a choice. If you truly love someone and you don’t want to lose him or her, you should think twice about cheating on them. Because cheating damage trust and destroy relationships.


Relationship is a two way thing. It should never be a one-sided affair. Relationship is sweet, enjoyable and encouraging when the two lovers are actively involved in making things work. But it will be frustrating, exasperating and unhealthy if it is only one person striving to make sure things work out.


Giving someone a second chance is not bad thing: but you must be careful of who you are giving a second chance. So you don’t end up giving someone a second chance to hurt, exploit and manipulate you better than they did before. The best thing to do sometimes is to forgive and forget about them.

I Love You

No words can fully describe all the feelings I have for you.

I love making you laugh because your happiness is my source of joy and happiness.

When you are happy, i am happy too.

I love you with all of my heart, body and soul.

You complete me.

You make my life worth living.

To have known you and to have loved you has been the most beautiful dream.

I can only hope that I never wake up.

You are my one and only princess charming.

You mean the world to me.

I cherish every moment I spend with you.

Your love is worth more than diamond and gold to me.

If nothing last forever then me and you will be nothing forever.

I love you.

Love Doctor’s Advice 001

Never drag yourself though the mud, just because you want someone to love you and stay in your life.

People will treat you exactly the way you perceive and project yourself. Never give yourself up as someone cheap and in desperate need of love.

Don’t ever be a pest or parasite to people. Give people their space and seek to add value to people’s lives too.

Love is only sweet and worthy of its name when it is appropriately reciprocated.

Don’t settle for less. Go for what makes you happy and also add value to your life. Let happiness and growth be your watchwords.