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Love Doctor’s Advice 001

Never drag yourself though the mud, just because you want someone to love you and stay in your life.

People will treat you exactly the way you perceive and project yourself. Never give yourself up as someone cheap and in desperate need of love.

Don’t ever be a pest or parasite to people. Give people their space and seek to add value to people’s lives too.

Love is only sweet and worthy of its name when it is appropriately reciprocated.

Don’t settle for less. Go for what makes you happy and also add value to your life. Let happiness and growth be your watchwords.


Why Some Ladies Find It Difficult To Get A Serious Relationship


A lot of ladies are complaining about the way guys are treating them. They claimed guys are just after sex but not ready for commitment.

Though this is not a new thing but the rate at which most ladies are lamenting and complaining is unprecedented.

This might be cause by many factors.

Some of these factors might be out of your control but I believe there are still some things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a guy that is just after your body when you are actually after a serious and long term relationship.

Let’s go over some of thing you can do to avoid being a victim of register markers.


1) Don’t be in a rush to get into a relationship with a guy you just meet: I know it is always tempting to hasten things up when you have find exactly what you are looking for in a guy in the new dude you just met.

But I tell you most times it never goes well.

Trying to rush most time make you appear as cheap and giving out  yourself on a discount. And very few guys will not take advantage of that to get what they want and drop you like a bag of spoilt potatoes.

So what am saying in essence is learn to slow things down.

Don’t place all your card on the table too quickly, it might backfire and spoil things.

Put it at the back of your mind that rushing things will achieve exactly opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Let the guy do the rushing and let him hunt or chase you for sometime.

This is because most guys love and appreciate more the lady they pursue and chase for sometime before she eventually become theirs.


2) Don’t fall in love because of money: Of course romance is sweeter when garnished with finance.

Love is sweeter, interesting and dynamic when there is money.

So don’t get me wrong, am not saying you should go and marry or date a wretched man.

Am not in position to tell you who to date or marry.

The choice is exclusively yours my dear.

My point is don’t give the signal that you are into him just because of his money.

That might make him to decide that you are not worthy of be kept.

Don’t focus too much on his money except you want him to reason that you are not with him because you love him but because he his loaded with cash to fund your lifestyle.

When most guys reason this, they will give you the money so as to have their way with you but you won’t last with him.

He will drop you as soon as he is tired of your honeycomb or when he find another chick on the block.


3) Show you have something to offer : I feel sorry for some girls that think all it takes to get and keep a guy is hot body, beautiful face and wonderful sex.

These can be enough atimes but to be on a safer side have more than what the average lady have.

Have a functional brain.

Develop your mental capacity.

So as to be able to hold an intellectual conversation with your guy when he is not horny. And to be able to interact with his friends and family intelligently.

This will fetch you alot of respect from guys.

Develop yourself So as to be able to give meaningful advice and support to your  guy’s dream and ambition.

Learn one or two skills that will fetch you, your own income so as not to be a liability.

Be educated and pursue a career. Make yourself indispensable to your guy.


4) Be faithful and loyal: Every king want a queen not a hoe.

Learn to be faithful and loyal to the guy you are with.

Nothing hurt a guy more than discovering that his babe is not faithful and loyal to him.

This can make a guy change his mind about you if he initially decided to keep you forever.

Though you can’t control what others do but you have control over what you do. By controlling what you do you can get a different and better result than before.

So stop complaining and start taking control of what you do when you meet a new guy or when you are into a new relationship.

I hope these article will help you ladies to experience a better,serious and loving relationship.

Drop your comment let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time.

12 Steps That Will Help You Get Over A Heartbreak


1: Seek to love yourself. Love yourself enough not to beg for affection from someone who has made it clear through his words or body languages that he/ she is no longer emotionally available for you.

2: Move on with your life. Don’t continue to live in the past.

3: Meet new people. Go out with friends.

4: Allow time to heal the hurt and bruise in your heart.

5: Don’t rush into another relationship.

6: Fall in love when you meet the right person.

7: Learn to let go of what is gone.

8: Stop blaming yourself over spilled milk.

9: Get yourself involved into something that will add spices  and value to your life.

10: Set better relationship goals. Don’t just settle for anything that comes your way.

11: Don’t blame your failed love affair on all the opposite sex. Never assume all men or women are the same. All men are not scum neither are all women bitch.

12: Learn your lesson and turn it into wisdom to guide you from making the same mistake later in the future. Don’t get burn by the same flame twice.

I Can’t Do It Alone: Lets Do This Together


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Why I Created This Blog

I created this blog out of the desire to help contribute to people’s lives. I love to see people happy.

My observation is that relationship and successes(achievements) are the main determinant of happiness in our lives as human beings.

So i decided to contribute something that can help people to experience a better relationship through my blog.

The poem can be send to your lover.

The advice and articles are to provide guidance and help towards experiencing a better love life in healthy and loving relationship.

Let’s begin the journey together to a happy love life.