The Boundless Power Of Sorry

Sorry is just a five letters word but its power knows no bound.

It’s so disappointing that some people find it difficult to say sorry to someone they claim to love when they are in the wrong.

This is often due to the fact that they esteem their ego way above their relationship.

Placing your ego ahead of your relationship is the fastest way to surely destroy your relationship with your partner over an issue that just saying sorry can remedy.
A more disappointing situation is when people say am sorry just for the sake of saying it. Saying Am sorry doesn’t actually undo whatever harm or hurt that has been done.

It is just a way of expressing our deepest regret for doing way caused pain to our partner.

Also a promise that we won’t repeat such thing again.

It’s disheartening to know that inability to say sorry has led to the dissolution of many relationships with a promising future.
As stated earlier, the main reason some people find it difficult to say am sorry to their lover in order to restore peace to the relationship after a conflict or misunderstanding is pride or ego.

When you put your ego ahead of your relationship it is a sign of immaturity.

Matured person will find it easy to apologize when they are at fault.

At times you need to say sorry when you are not at fault just to calm the storm in your relationship.

That takes maturity. The secret of a healthy, loving and lasting relationship is learning to always put the good of the relationship ahead of your ego and personal interest.

This is the hallmark of maturity. We must endeavor to keep our ego under control in course of interacting with our partner.
Moreso, it doesn’t make sense to repeat what you once apologized for.

Repeating what you had already apologized for in time past to your partner is an unwise behavior.

That is an act of abusing the boundless power of the five letters word- Sorry.

If we continue to repeat the same behavior or thing we had already apologized for several times sooner or later the word will lose its meaning to our partner.
Finally, to build a successful relationship we must understand the importance of saying sorry when we are at fault.

We must also know that it is totally unwise and unacceptable to keep doing the same thing we once apologized for.

A beautiful relationship is the one that a sorry is all it takes to bring back the situation to normalcy after a conflict or misunderstanding.

I hope you find this helpful in your quest to experience a better, healthy, loving and lasting relationship.


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