What True Love Means

True love is not just about Catching Feelings.

True love is more than an emotional affinity to someone.

It is not just about having your heart skip at the sight of someone or when you hear their voice.

This shallow definition of true love is the cause of lots of heartache, pain and heartache ladies and guys experience in relationships. This has led many people to conclude that true love doesn’t exist.

So does true love actually exist?
True love still exists but it is not always fitting our definition.

However, because of the shallow description we attributed to true love, most of us have miss out on finding true and genuine love only to find ourselves falling into wrong hands thereby experiencing the wrong side of love, which is characterised by pain, ache, disappointment, hurt and heartbreak.


So what is true love?

True love is to accept someone the way they are.

It involves wanting to be with someone through thick and thin.

It is about giving support and encouragement to someone so they could realise their dreams and aspirations.

It is about being genuinely concerned about the well being of someone.

It is about providing a shoulder for someone to lean on.

It is about making decision to be there for someone always and forever.

It is spurring someone to be the best they can be.

It is about giving a listening ear to someone to express himself/ herself without the fear of being judged or criticized.
True love involves making sacrifices, commitment and compromise.

It is about putting in the effort and time to make a relationship work.

It is about you trying your possible best to put a smile on someone face.

It is about caring not to hurt someone’s feelings through your actions and words.

It is about being afraid to lose someone because you know and appreciate their value and uniqueness.

It is about time you change your mindset about what true love is.

Be willing to give all these in a relationship and expect all in return.

If you can adjust your mindset, you will adjust your reality.

Relationship is supposed to make us happier and better than we could be on our own.

We all want to be happy.

So happiness is what matter in the long run. Don’t get carry away by the emotional rush and physical attraction. They don’t hold relationship together for long. There influence on us is fleeting. Set high standard so you can experience something better in your relationship.

When you find someone willing to do almost everything I mentioned don’t lose that kind of person.

If you are yet to meet someone who is willing to do almost everything I mentioned it is better to wait, don’t just settle for anything that comes your way.

True love will eventually find you, if you are patient enough. While waiting make sure you are learning the habit necessary for building a loving, healthy and long-lasting relationship.

And unlearning habits you pick up from past relationships that could destroy your new relationship.

Drop your comment and let me know your take on this powwow.


6 thoughts on “What True Love Means

  1. In my own view,I ll said dia is still true luv bt is rlly hard to cum by dis day, bcus no one is rdy to take responsibility for his/her action.We nid to take 100% responsibility before d relationship can work out perfectly

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  2. You are ryt tho…
    Buh i think true love is more than dat..
    Nt d real ones are ad to fnd dz days..
    How can sm1 knw d real person


  3. I have found true love but it’s complicated right from the start. We fell in love although her wedding with her 8yr old lover was already fixed.
    We fell in love, true love as described and it has never diminished despite the distance and her marriage status.
    Do not assume we’ve been cheating physically, it’s not a love built on that. Even more complicated because her husb is aware of our love, and we can only hope destiny has something pleasant in store for us. We see ourselves as the best thing that happened to us.
    No disrespect to her husb.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story.
      Here is my thought on it.
      First and foremost, true love is never complicated. Though there might be challenges to overcome from the parent because difference in class or status but it is never complicated. Secondly, you are causing distraction to someone’s marriage, am sure you wouldn’t like to do that to your marriage. It is simple, she is taken. If she truly felt you are the best thing ever to happen to her then she should end her marriage and marry you. True love is never complicated!!! True love is not extra marital affair!!! True love is commitment, loyalty and faithfulness to one’s partner.

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