7 Things Ladies Really Want: Doing This Things Will Make Her Yours Forever

jovem-homem-preocupado-dúvida-confuso-1This will help real men to understand the ladies and treat them better by meeting up with their basic needs.

This will help you to keep your woman forever without the fear of some dude showing up from nowhere to snatch her away from you.

If you can give all of these things to your woman, I assure you that she won’t want to leave you for any man. She will be happy and madly in love with you head over heels.
So what do ladies really want from men. They include :

1. Love: Love is a basic need of all humans. We all want to feel loved. It is a basic emotional need. However there is a significant difference in the emotional make up of men and women.

Women tends to respond more to this need than men. This could be as a result of their relationship with their father while growing up or other factors.

So one sure way of keeping your woman is to feed that emotional need in her.

Shower your lady with plenty of love.

When you leave her with no reason to doubt your unconditional love, she wouldn’t have a reason to look elsewhere in search of it.

Don’t believe in the fallacy that say woman will start misbehaving when you show her how much you love her.

It is only a lady that doesn’t love you that take undue advantage of you when you show her how much she means to you.

2. Attention: Ladies love to get attention from the opposite sex and people in general. Attention makes them feel beautiful, special and value.

Some ladies can go any length just to get attention. This is evident on social media. It is important to know that if you fail to give your woman the attention she needed, she will definitely get it elsewhere.

If you truly love your woman you wouldn’t deprived her of your attention. Pay attention to your lady always by listening to her, observe any changes in her voice or mood.

Know her need before she utter it.

If you give your woman enough attention, attention from other men will not distract her from you and the relationship.

3. Time: Time is a major factor require for the success of a relationship.

Most of the time men are carried away by the need to make ends meet to the detriment of their relationship with their woman.

To have a happy love life you must endeavour to strike a balance between your work and your relationship.

Make sure that you find time for your woman out of your busy schedule.

Let her know she is your number one priority. Don’t ever be too busy to call her or pick her call. Never be too busy to text her back.

Make her know that she is an integral part of your life by making out time for her in your tight schedule.

4. Care: All ladies like caring guy because they love to be pampered. You should pamper your woman if you want her to be yours forever.

Show her that you really care about her everyday in every way possible. Give her advice and guidance when she seems confused.

Calm her when she feels worried and agitated. Fix the meal when she is tired or just to surprise her. Assist her while cooking, cleaning or doing the boring house chores.

Show her you are caring and romantic then you will be her man now and always. She will love you more and never want to leave you.

5. Money: Yes, MONEY! The importance of money in life and relationship can never be over-emphasis.

Money makes life more comfortable and colourful. It has the same effect on relationship. There is no romance without finance.

Money fuels the romance in a relationship.

Provide financial support for your woman. Invest in her dreams and ambition. Give generously to your lady with respect to your financial capability. She knows what you can afford.

A woman that loves you will understand you and not frustrate your life by demanding what you can not afford.

When you take care of her financially according to the capacity of your pocket hardly will she be tempted to abscond with a richer guy.

A good woman will appreciate your effort. Instead of leaving you for a richer dude, she will rather support and pray for you to become financially buoyant.

6. Compliment: Every woman love to be flattered or compliment based on their looks, dress and their ability or talent.

Don’t ever forget to tell your woman, she is beautiful because countless men are already telling her.

Because she loves you, yours will be unique and outstanding.

Give your woman compliment in every way possible every blessed day. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her as your woman.

When she put effort to prepare a meal, give her praises for the effort and taste of the food.

The greatest of the compliment is telling her how much you love her. Tell her you love her every blessed day in a million ways.

A sensible lady will never want to leave you because compliment sends a message that you are value and appreciated.

Who doesn’t like the feeling of been valued and appreciated?

7. Commitment: When a woman loves you, she wants your commitment.

She feels relax and at peace when she is sure you take her serious and you are committed to her and the relationship.

Ladies want to know that are committed to them and the relationship. They want to be sure you are loyal, faithful and committed to them.

They want to be sure your mind is made up that she will be the last and final lady in your life.
Ladies I hope I have spoken your mind. Please share with your guy if you agree with me and drop a comment to let know on your take on this post.


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