Stop Nurturing A Dead Relationship: Signs Of A Dead Relationship

Relationship is like a flower, it can flourish or wither.

Just as a flower requires a lot of watering and nurturing to flourish and blossom in similar vein a relationship requires effort and nurturing if it’s going to work out and last.

Two of the requirements for success in any endeavour are hope and determination.

Hope in the sense that we can’t say for certain how things will turn out in the end but we are expectant that it will be positive.

Determination is what enable us to continue to carry on in the face of challenges and problems when what we would have naturally do is to give up.

In any successful relationship these two elements are readily available.

They are essential for a healthy, loving and lasting relationship.

We must have a positive expectation for the relationship and also mustn’t give up easily at the face of challenges and problems in the course of interacting with each other in the relationship.

However, care must be taken to know the point at which these two factors can begin to work against us in a relationship.

When it is so obvious a relationship can’t work, hope and determination can trap us causing us to stand stock-still in a dead relationship.

Costing us our happiness and chance of experiencing something better else where.

Oftentimes, when a good relationship turn bad. We keep working hard to turn things around. During times like these we failed to realise that there is a tiny borderline between determination and desperation.

Even when it is obvious that the change is irrevocable, we still waste our time and effort trying to fix things.

This maybe due to our emotional attachment and investment in the relationship. Even when our intuition is telling us that the person we once had a great time with has changed and moved on, we still continue to shoulder the burden of restoring things back to how it used to be.

This is the reason why most of us are suffering and enduring pain and heartache in relationships. It is like nurturing a dead relationship.

The problem of nurturing a dead relationship is you will be doing the job of two people.

That is surely overwhelming and exasperating. It takes two to make a relationship work, so don’t ever make a mistake of being the only person trying to make your relationship work.

The moment you observed that you are the only one investing all the time and effort into your relationship, you need to step back to evaluate things.

Pushing forward without evaluating the situation is not determination but desperation.

To experience happiness and inner peace in our relationship we must constantly make conscious effort to evaluate the state of the relationship.

Evaluating our relationship help us to know if the relationship is actually going somewhere.

It also help us to keep things in check and prevent us from doing things out of proportion.

We must take conscious effort to know when a relationship has become dead and there is nothing left to hope for but to move on.

We must pay attention to our actions so as to be able to decipher when our determination to make our relationship work turns to desperation to keep what is no longer serving us.

The problem with staying too long in problematic relationships is it will affect our lives in a numerous way.

A dead or unhealthy relationship might change your outlook on love and relationship in a negative way.

Don’t allow a bad relationship to start thinking true love doesn’t exist or a healthy and loving relationship is a fairy tale.

This is why you need to move on with your life instead of standing stock-still in an unhealthy relationship before it causes more damage to you.

These are some of the signs of a dead relationship.
1. Absence of love. You know the love is not there anymore.
2. You are begging for attention. You should never have to beg for attention.
3. You are being avoided for no just cause. All of all sudden he/ she stop gravitating towards you.
4. He/ she is always busy to pick up your call or call you back. Find it difficult to reply to your text all in the name of being busy yet you see him/ her online.
5. You are lonely yet in a relationship.
6. Your attempt to connect to your is now perceived as a disturbance.
7. He/ she shows affection when you two are together but act strangely, distant and indifference when you are far apart.
8. He/ she doesn’t take you and the relationship that serious as much as you do for him/ her.
9. When you talk about taking the relationship to the next level he/she takes offence without saying anything offensive or wrong.
10. He/ she makes you feel bad for wanting to spend time with him/ her frequently.
Don’t forget a dead relationship is unhealthy and isn’t heading anywhere. Nurturing such is a waste of time and efforts. Holding on to such is not determination but desperation, and having a hopeless hope.

Take back your love life and move on to something better.

Thank you for reading.

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