Four Signs Of A Complicated Relationship


Naturally relationship takes effort, time and resources.

Atimes these demands can be overwhelming. Needless to say complicated relationship will be more overwhelming and soul sapping.

What makes a complicated relationship even worse is the fact that you are hopelessly investing into a not definite thing with a desperation to see it work.

There are so many people whose lives have been made a mess just because they got theirselves into a complicated love affair.
Most time its not obvious from the beginning that a relationship will wound up to become a complicated one but there are signals by which you can recognise if a relationship has become a complicated one or not.

The following are the signs to look out for :


1. If You Don’t Have Something Definitive: Don’t get it twisted, relationship is not just having someone to call or talk to.

It is not just having someone to share a bed with. Relationship is more than that.

All of that is nothing more than friendship with benefits or better still a complicated affair.

If what you have is not definitive then you actually don’t have anything to hold on to.

A serious relationship should be concrete. You should know exactly where you stand in a relationship. If you don’t clearly know where you stand with your partner in a love affair,this is the right time for you to ask in order to clarify all doubt.

Never should you assume. And take serious the reply you get.


2. If You Are Not Genuinely Happy: Though it is often said that one’s happiness should come from within not from others.

However, it can never be over be overemphasis that the people around us have a huge effect on us especially when it comes to our happiness and feelings in general.

This is more glaring if the person is someone we share an intimate relationship with.

So if this person you have chosen as the love of your life does not make any effort to make you happy then you should double check if the status of such relationship is not complicated.

A person who truly loves you and take you serious will naturally want to help you find your own happiness from within and also make conscious effort to make you happy.


3. If He/She Does Not Care About Your Feelings: This is a no brainer. These days cheating has become the norms in most relationships.

However, a guy or girl that loves you and take what you share serious will not flauntly cheat on you if he or she cheat at all.

On the contrary, a guy or lady that does not take you serious will do all sorts of things without considering if it will hurt your feelings or not.


4. If You Are The Only One Doing The Giving: If you are the only one putting in the effort, time, attention and resources into the relationship so that it can continue to exist then it’s totally unhealthy and complicated my dear.

A serious relationship is like a two sided coin. It is a give and take scenario.

For the sake of your mental health and healthy self esteem a one sided relationship should be a No-No.

Put your relationship under the search light. Ladies and gentlemen if your relationship is not a two sided relationship nearing balance it is time to think twice about you continuing to invest your time, effort and resources in a relationship that is bound to fail.

Don’t make your life complicated and difficult by wallowing in a complicated relationship.

Take your life back and move forward to something better.


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