12 Steps That Will Help You Get Over A Heartbreak


1: Seek to love yourself. Love yourself enough not to beg for affection from someone who has made it clear through his words or body languages that he/ she is no longer emotionally available for you.

2: Move on with your life. Don’t continue to live in the past.

3: Meet new people. Go out with friends.

4: Allow time to heal the hurt and bruise in your heart.

5: Don’t rush into another relationship.

6: Fall in love when you meet the right person.

7: Learn to let go of what is gone.

8: Stop blaming yourself over spilled milk.

9: Get yourself involved into something that will add spices  and value to your life.

10: Set better relationship goals. Don’t just settle for anything that comes your way.

11: Don’t blame your failed love affair on all the opposite sex. Never assume all men or women are the same. All men are not scum neither are all women bitch.

12: Learn your lesson and turn it into wisdom to guide you from making the same mistake later in the future. Don’t get burn by the same flame twice.


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